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WeatherAds can help businesses in the travel, tourism and hospitality space increase brand awareness, engagement and bookings, with our unique marketing triggers and ad targeting signals for travel & tourism.

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Weather impacts sales for the travel & tourism industry

The weather has a massive impact on the travel & tourism industry -both in terms of driving demand and influencing decisions, including the following; vacation choice, (staycation vs trip abroad), destination choice (e.g. beach resort vs ski resorts), last-minute bookings, cancellations or amendments, activity choices (e.g. museums vs outdoor sightseeing), and demand for travel insurance (e.g. during severe / extreme conditions.)
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Key weather insights for travel & tourism

  • The World Tourism Organization sees weather as the most important factor when choosing leisure travel destinations.
  • On days with continuous rain, travel bookings for a leading online portal rise by 7%.
  • During sunny, warm weather, Google search volume for vacations to Mallorca decrease by 14%.
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Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Use Cases for WeatherAds

Below are some examples showing how businesses in the travel and tourism space can use WeatherAds to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns, boost engagement, drive more sales and increase return on ad spend.

Campaign Overview

Product: Package holidays to Mallorca
Scenario: 'Good weather in Mallorca'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, GDN, YouTube, RTB Display, RTB Video
Goal: Online bookings

Automation Rules

Live weather
above 25°C
Pause  'MALLORCA HOT WEATHER' ads when condition ends

Creative Execution (Ad)

Campaign Overview

Product: Ski resort tickets
Scenario: 'Fresh Powder in Resort'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, GDN, RTB Display, RTB Video, Email
Goal: Online bookings

Automation Rules

within past 24 hours
Whistler Blackcomb
Turn on 'Fresh Snow' ad sets & ad groups
Turn on 'Brand' ad sets & ad groups when condition ends

Creative Execution (Ad)

Campaign Overview

Product: Hotel bookings
Scenario: 'Flight cancelled > last minute hotel deals''
Platforms: Paid Search, Social, Programmatic Display
Goal: Online purchases

Automation Rules

Filter 1 (Flight cancellation risk high)
Flight cancellation index
very high
Show 'LAST MINUTE HOTEL' ads in relevant geos on RTB & Social
Increase bids on Paid Search by 30% for relevant geos
Filter 2 (Flight cancellation risk low)
Flight cancellation index
Activate 'BRAND' ads on RTB & Social
Revert to default bid on Paid Search for relevant geos

Creative Execution

Weather-Based Marketing Tactics for travel & tourism businesses

Serve ads to audiences based on their local weather conditions
Serve ads to audiences based on the weather in a different location (e.g. in a ski resort)
Pre-emptive targeting & messaging using predictive triggers (forecast conditions)
In-the-moment targeting & messaging using real-time triggers (live current conditions)
Reactive trend-based targeting & messagingusing recent past triggers (historical conditions)

WeatherAds triggers & data for travel & hospitality ad targeting



Temperature (max and min)
Flight delays
RealFeel® Temperature

Travel index
Ski weather
Golf weather
Severe Weather (e.g. Hail, Storms, Hurricanes, Floods, etc.)
Beach & pool / outdoor activity

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry Ad gallery  

Examples of travel, tourism and hospitality advertising and creative executions that have relevance to weather and environmental factors. Intended for demonstrational purposes only.

Travel & Tourism Businesses Suitable for Weather-Triggered Marketing

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Travel agents & tour operators
Travel agencies and tour operators use weather to sell trips abroad.
Airlines & Cruise Operators
Airlines and cruise operators can use the weather in a destination to drive bookings.
Travel booking sites
Travel booking sites can use the weather in specific destinations and resorts to drive bookings.
Resorts and hotels
Resorts and hotels can advertise based on the weather conditions in their location.
Tourism boards
Tourist boards can advertise based on the weather in their destination.
Travel insurance providers
Insurance providers can issue weather warnings to mitigate against claims and losses.
Tourist attractions
Tourist attractions can use live forecasts to drive more bookings.
Train and taxi companies
Train, taxi and travel companies can advertise more heavily during bad weather.

Travel & tourism businesses get results like these with WeatherAds

The Dolfinarium gets 10x target CTR

The Dolfinarium gets 260% YOY CTR increase, smashing their targets by 10x.

Rail company get 49% Higher CTR

McCann get 49% Higher CTR and 57% more traffic for national rail company

Adventure Park reduce CPC by 50%

Outdoor adventure park TreEscape reduce CPC by 50% on paid Social with WeatherAds

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