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Discover how WeatherAds can help food & drinks service and hospitality businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars, takeouts, and food delivery apps get more customers, both in-store and online - using our unique set of marketing triggers developed for the food and restaurant industry.

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Weather impacts footfall & orders for restaurant & food delivery industry

The weather has a massive impact on the restaurants, cafés, bars and food delivery services, impacting foot traffic, order method and menu choice. Inclement weather such as rain and snow heavily affects footfall, shifting sales from eat-in to takeout or delivery. Hot or cold temperatures have a tangible bearing on cravings and purchase decisions with consumers favoring refreshing options like iced beverages, salads, and frozen deserts during warm weather and hot drinks, soups, and heartier dishes on colder days.
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Key weather insights for food & drinks and restaurants

  • More than 90% of restaurant operators say that changes in local weather conditions affect their sales and customer counts.
  • Just 1°F rise in temperature leads to 2% sales increase in cold drinks and a 1°F fall in temperature leads to 2% increase in soup sales.
  • Almost half (49%) of people are more likely to use food delivery apps and order takeouts during bad weather.
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WeatherAds Example Use Cases for Restaurant, Bars, Cafes & Food Delivery

Below are some examples showing how businesses in the food & drinks spae (e.g. restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, QSRs and food delivery apps) can use WeatherAds to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns, boost engagement, drive more sales and increase ROAS.

Campaign Overview

Product: Bar & restaurant with outdoor terrace
Scenario: 'Great weather today > promote outdoor terrace'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, SMS, Email (opt-in)
Goal: Awareness & store visits

Automation Rules

Outdoor activity index
Forecast for today
very high
Activate ‘SUNNY DAY PROMO’ Ads
Trigger Email & SMS 'SUNNY DAY PROMO' Campaign

Creative Execution (Ad)

Campaign Overview

Product: Food Delivery Service
Scenario: 'Bad weather > Promote food delivery app installs'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, GDN, YouTube, DV360
Goal: App installs & in-app purchase (order completion)

Automation Rules

Live conditions
equal or greater than
Moderate Rain
Moderate Snow
Strong Winds
17:00 - 21:00
Activate 'FOOD DELIVERY' ads on GDN & Social in weather-relevant geos
Increase Paid Search bids by 30% for weather-relevant geos

Creative Execution (Ad)

Campaign Overview

Product: Hot drinks vs Cold drinks
Scenario: 'Warm day vs Cold day'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, GDN, Programmatic Display
Goal: In-store visits

Automation Rules

Filter 1 (Hot weather ad)
RealFeel® Temp
above 75F
Turn on 'ICED LATTE' ads
Filter 2 (Cold weather ad)
RealFeel® Temp
below 55F
Turn on 'HOT MOCHA'  ads



Weather Marketing Tactics for Food & Drinks Services & Hospitality Businesses

Pre-emptive targeting & messaging using predictive triggers (forecast conditions)
In-the-moment targeting & messaging using real-time triggers (live current conditions)
Reactive trend-based targeting & messagingusing recent past triggers (historical conditions)

WeatherAds triggers & data for Food & Drink Services ad targeting



Temperature (max and min)
BBQ Index
RealFeel® Temperature

Thirst Index
Sunshine & UV index
Outdoor Activity Index
Rainfall & Snowfall
Indoor Activity Index
Severe Weather (e.g. Hail, Storms, Hurricanes, Floods, etc.)
Beach index

Restaurants & Food Delivery Ad Gallery  

Examples of food & drink services advertising that has relevance to weather and environmental factors. Intended for demonstrational purposes only.

Food & Drinks Businesses Best Suited to Weather Driven Marketing

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Restaurants can benefit from weather triggered ads - promoting either in store visits or home delivery options.
Coffee Shops
coffee shops can advertise hot drink vs cold drinks depending on live temperatures.
QSRs and Fast Food
Quick service & fast food restaurants can use contextual advertising to increase footfall or online delivery orders.
Bars & Pubs
Bars and pubs can promote beer gardens or outdoor terraces vs indoor seating, based on local weater conditions.
Ice cream shops & juice bars
Juice bars and ice cream stalls are highly weather-sensitive businesses
Food delivery apps & services
Demand for food delivery and takeouts increases during inclement weather

Food & drink services businesses get results like these with WeatherAds

Donatos Pizza Reduces CPA by 46%

Donatos Pizza lowers their Cost-per Action by 46% using WeatherAds for Meta.

McDonald's Reduces Cost-Per-View by 58%

McDonald's get 52% lower CPM and 58% lower CPV on Meta with WeatherAds.

Caviar increase conversion volume by 36%

Food delivery app Caviar increase conversion volume by 36% with WeatherAds

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