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WeatherAds can help insurance brands drive awareness and sell more policies, as well as mitigate against risk and damage with our unique marketing triggers and pre-emptive alerts for email, push and SMS.

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Weather affects sales and claims of insurance products

The weather can significantly impact the insurance industry. More frequent and severe weather events like floods, storms, hail, and wildfires can lead to more insurance claims. Insurers can use weather triggers across email, SMS and mobile push for risk & cost mitigation. Pre-emptive alerts sent to policyholders in advance of extreme weather events, reminding them to take precautions against weather-related damage, can be instrumental in reducing claims and payouts and increasing profitability.
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Key weather insights for insurance

  • The 2021 Texas winter storm resulted in over $1 billion in insured losses from car accidents due to icy roads.
  • Flood insurance purchases increase by a factor of 4.5X after a flood event.
  • Demand for travel insurance increases by up to 300% in the week leading up to a storm in hurricane-prone destinations.
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Insurance Use Cases for WeatherAds

Below are some examples showing how insurance businesses can use WeatherAds to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns, boost engagement, drive more sales, mitigate against loss, damage, risk and payouts and increase ROI and profitability.

Campaign Overview

Product: Home Insurance Policy
Scenario: 'Heavy Rainfall + Flood Risk > Activate Campaign'
Platforms: Meta, GDN, Paid Search, YouTube, RTB Display, RTB Video
Goal: Online leads & bookings

Automation Rules

Flood risk
Within past 24 hours
Activate 'FLOOD INSURANCE' ad groups on Meta and Google Ads for weather-positive geos
Increase bids by 50% for weather-positive geos on Search

Creative Execution (Ad)

Campaign Overview

Product: Automotive Insurance Policy
Scenario: 'Mitigate Against Vehicle Hail Damage > Alert Policyholders'
Platforms: Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Mobile Push
Goal: Reduce vehicle damage and claims volume through proactive alerts

Automation Rules

Heavy hail
Within next 24 hours
Send preemptive email and SMS alerts to policyholders in affected geos

Creative Execution (Message)

Campaign Overview

Product: Hotel bookings
Scenario: Flight cancellation high risk > pause ads
Platforms: Google Ads, Social, Programmatic Display
Goal: Risk mitigation : Pause ads when risk of flight cancellations & extreme weather increases

Automation Rules

Filter 1 (Flight cancellation risk = high)
Flight cancellation risk
within in next 48 hours
Pause 'TRAVEL INSURANCE’ ads in affected geos
Filter 2 (Flight cancellation risk = low)
Flight cancellation risk
within in next 48 hours
Turn on 'TRAVEL INSURANCE’ ads in specific geos

Creative Execution

Weather-Based Marketing Tactics for Insurance Businesses

Serve ads to audiences based on their local weather conditions
Serve ads to audiences based on the weather in a different location (e.g. in a travel destination)
Pre-emptive targeting & messaging using predictive triggers (forecast conditions)
In-the-moment targeting & messaging using real-time triggers (live current conditions)
Reactive trend-based targeting & messaging using recent past triggers (historical conditions)

WeatherAds triggers & data for insurance marketing & alerts



Temperature (max and min)
Flight delays
Wind speed

Power Outage
Ice, Snow & Hail
Severe Weather (e.g. Storms, Hurricanes, Floods, etc.)
Pollution / Air Quality

Insurance Industry Ad gallery  

Examples of insurance advertising and creative executions that have relevance to weather and environmental factors. Intended for demonstrational purposes only.

Insurance Product Categories Suitable for WeatherAds

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House & Buildings Insurance
Extreme weather can damage houses and buildings, and can lead to a spike in both demand for and claims on buildings insurance.
Automotive Insurance
Hail, snow, ice and heavy rain can increase risk of accidents and car damage and therefor claims.
Travel Insurance
Unpredictable or severe weather conditions in the destination, as well as domestic flight delays can affect both demand and claims for travel insurance.
Health Insurance
Environmental conditions like air quality, cold & flu levels, allergens etc can increase both demand and claims for health insurance.  
Flood Insurance
Flood events can increase both demand and claims for flood insurance.
Business Interruption Insurance
Unpredictable or severe weather events can interrupt normal business operations and lead to lost revenue.
Boiler / HVAC Insurance
Cold snaps, freezing weather, snow and Ice can lead to burst pipes and boiler malfunctions.
Accident Insurance
Severe weather can lead to a surge in accidents and claims.  

Insurance businesses get results like these with WeatherAds

46% more Conversions

Groundworks get 46% more conversions with WeatherAds for targeting heavy rainfall and flooding.

178% more sales

Google & Dentsu boost online sales by 178% using temperature triggers for a multinational retailer.

200% Increase CTR

Kia & Havas increase CTR by 3X across programmatic display with weather activations.

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