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WeatherAds can help businesses in the CPG & Grocery space drive more footfall and sell more products both online and in-store, with our unique advertising triggers and targeting signals for the CPG and Grocery industry.

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Weather impacts sales for the CPG & Grocery industry

The weather has an enormous impact on grocery & CPG sales; particularly products in the fresh/ready-to-eat foods, beverages, cosmetics & toiletries, health & wellness and frozen food categories. The weather drives consumer appetite for particular foods, drinks and consumables. In addition, the weather influences consumer mood, mindset, health and well being - and consequently in-the-moment purchase decisions. By leveraging the WeatherAds platform, brands can anticipate and/ or influence consumers decision-making at the precise moment of action.
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Key weather insights for CPG & Grocery

  • When UK spring temperatures hit 21°C, sales of hair removal products surge 1400%, & BBQ sales jump 200%.
  • Just 1°F rise in temperature leads to 2% increase sales in cold drinks and a 1°F fall in temperature leads to 2% increase in soup sales.
  • Warm & sunny days increase in-store traffic, cold & rainy days increase online traffic, & sunshine dramatically increases spending.
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CPG, Grocery & Supermarket Use Cases for WeatherAds

Below are some examples showing how businesses in the CPG and grocery space (e.g. food and drinks, health and wellness, and household product brands) can use WeatherAds to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns, boost engagement, drive more sales and increase return on ad spend.

Campaign Overview

Product: Cold & Flu Meds
Scenario: 'Cold & Flu index high in relevant geos'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, GDN, YouTube, RTB Display, RTB Video
Goal: Brand awareness, in-store purchases

Automation Rules

Cold & flu index
very high
Activate delivery in geos that match conditions on Social
Increase paid search bids by 30% for geos that match conditions

Creative Execution (Ad)

Campaign Overview

Product: Grocery Delivery Service vs Click & Collect
Scenario: 'Bad weather = grocery deliveries'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, GDN, YouTube, RTB Display, RTB Video
Goal: Online purchases

Automation Rules

Next 24 hours
Heavy Rain
High Wind
Activate 'ONLINE DELIVERY' ads on GDN & Social in geos that match conditions
Keep ads activated for 24 hours after condition ends

Creative Execution (Ad)

Campaign Overview

Product: BBQ foods vs indoor comfort foods
Scenario: 'BBQ weekend vs rainy day pizza night'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, GDN, YouTube, RTB Display, RTB Video
Goal: In-store visits

Automation Rules

Filter 1 (BBQ Weekend)
BBQ index
Sat & Sun
Turn on 'BBQ WEEKEND PROMO' ad sets/ groups & ads
Filter 2 (Rainy Weekend)
indoor index
Sat & Sun
Turn on 'RAINY MEAL DEAL' ad sets/ groups & ads



Weather-Based Marketing Tactics for CPG and Grocery businesses

Pre-emptive targeting & messaging using predictive triggers (forecast conditions)
In-the-moment targeting & messaging using real-time triggers (live current conditions)
Reactive trend-based targeting & messagingusing recent past triggers (historical conditions)

WeatherAds triggers & data for CPG & Grocery ad targeting



Temperature (max and min)
RealFeel® Temperature

Sunshine & UV index
Cold & Flu
Rainfall & Snowfall
Allergy / Pollen / Mould
Severe Weather (e.g. Hail, Storms, Hurricanes, Floods, etc.)
Hair Frizz

CPG & Grocery Industry Ad gallery  

Examples of GPC, retail and supermarket/ grocery advertising and creative executions that have relevance to weather and environmental factors. Intended for demonstrational purposes only.

Weather-Dependent Products and Services for CPG & Grocery

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Spring & Summer

Autumn & Winter

Cold Foods & Drinks
Cold drinks (beers, soda, water etc), ice creams & frozen deserts, ready to eat salads & fruits
Hot foods & Drinks
Soups & hot ready meals, porridge oats, hot drinks, indulgent comfort foods
BBQ Foods & Supplies
BBQ meats, condiments & seasonings, disposable barbecues, charcoal, lighters etc
Health & Wellness, OTC
Cold & flu meds, Kleenex & wipes, painkillers, Vitamins (C, D Multi, chap-sticks & hand creams
Personal Care & OTC Products
Antiperspirants, suncream & aftersun, allergy meds (pollen & hayfever), hair removal products , hair conditioners (hair frizz from humidity), insect repellant
Cleaning & Hygiene
Soaps, disinfectants, etc
Home & Garden Products
Lawncare products, pool chemicals etc
Home & Garden Products
Mousetraps, Pest control products, Birdseed

CPG & Grocery businesses get results like these with WeatherAds

Johnson & Johnson Boosts CTR by 476%

UM smashes ROI targets in award-winning campaign for Johnson & Johnson's cold & flu brands

Unilever Logo

Unilever Reduces Cost-Per-View by 55%

Mindshare boosts CTR by 358% across RTB Display & Video for Rexona, Dove & Sure

Heineken Logo

Heineken Gets 46% More Reach

Amnet taps into real-time weather signals in Programmatic Display campaign for Heineken

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