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WeatherAds offers a suite of enterprise-level features for every use case. Effortlessly capitalize on intent-rich weather moments.

WeatherAds triggers rules builder
WeatherAds actions rules builder
visual rules editor

Launch fast with our intuitive UI.

Our non-technical, user friendly interface lets you apply powerful weather targeting to your campaigns quickly and easily. Create custom weather triggers across past, real-time or forecast time-frames. Pivot, scale and make creative updates on the fly with our visual rules editor.

Weather triggered creative for Woolrich jacket
Dynamic weather creative for Woolrich jacket
Woolrich ad with dynamic weather data
dynamic creative

Boost relevance with dynamic creative.

Boost relevancy and heighten ad impact with dynamic weather adaptive creative. By setting triggers at the ad level your creative and ad copy will automatically adapt to the viewer’s weather. Show strikingly relevant ads that move the needle.

weather based bid adjustments for Google Ads
WeatherAds weather targeted actions completed chart
Automated bidding

Seize the moment with automated bidding.

Outrank your competitors during pivotal weather moments with weather-activated bid adjustments. Secure top spot across Paid Search right when it matters most. Get more clicks and more sales.

Campaign spend dashboard
Increase budget toggle
20% selection
Campaign budget toggle
Budget optimization

Get more bang for your buck with budget optimization.

Use your ad budget more efficiently. Scale spend when conditions are right for purchase, and conserve resource when the weather is not conducive to clicks and sales. Get more return on your ad dollar.

Weather targeted campaign reports map
WeatherAds reports preview
visual reporting

Track everything with reports, charts and maps.

Get a deeper look into how your weather automations are performing. Track every event with history logs, activation charts and real-time heat maps. See at a glance what is working and what requires tuning.  

WeatherAds Facebook connector
WeatherAds Google Ads connector
WeatherAds DV360 connector
WeatherAds Microsoft Ads connector
One-Click integrations

Easily connect your favourite ad platforms.

Execute your weather targeting strategy across the worlds biggest ad networks from one central place, with one-click integrations for Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Google Display & Video 360 (DV360). Bing, YouTube, and more DSPs coming soon!

Helpful customer support agent
industry-leading support

We’re a true partner.

Our award-winning customer success team is highly accessible and dedicated to your success. We have years of collective experience in weather-based advertising, working with the world’s biggest brands and agencies, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We like to work closely with our clients to build impactful, lasting relationships that nurture customer success.

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Performance, Privacy and Security

WeatherAds was built with performance, privacy and security at its very core. That's why every WeatherAds plan comes with these features:
Rock-Solid Architecture
GDPR Compliant
Enterprise Level Security
Privacy By Design
High Granularity Weather Data
Set & Forget Scheduler
Bulk Campaign Editor
Easy-Launch Guided Wizard
Quick-Start Guides
Documentation & Help Center
Award Winning Support
Concierge Service (VIP accounts)

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