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WeatherAds can help heating, ventilation, air conditioning & cooling businesses, brands and stockists drive more in-store footfall, sell more products and increase website traffic, with our unique marketing triggers and ad targeting signals for the HVAC industry.

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Weather impacts sales for the HVAC industry

Weather is the single biggest driver of demand & sales for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products and services. It affects every part of the vertical including brands & manufacturers, retailers & distributors and Installers & service contractors. Amongst some of the most important and impactful weather conditions for HVAC advertisers looking to leverage weather targeting are ambient temperatures, humidity levels and wind speeds.
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Key weather insights for HVAC

  • Just 1° F degree rise in temperature leads to 24% spike in air conditioner sales
  • Temperature, humidity and wind speed are the most critical demand drivers for heating and cooling products & services.
  • Storms, hurricanes, and floods can damage HVAC systems and lead to high demand for repairs & replacements.
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HVAC Use Cases for WeatherAds

Below are some examples showing how businesses in the heating and cooling space can use WeatherAds to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns, boost engagement, drive more sales and increase return on ad spend.

Campaign Overview

Product: Air Conditioner
Scenario: 'Too hot to sleep'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, GDN, YouTube, RTB Display, RTB Video
Goal: Awareness,

Automation Rules

above 80°F
between 10pm and 6am
for 2 consecutive days
Activate delivery in geos that match conditions
Keep ads running for 1 week after condition ends

Creative Execution (Ad)

Campaign Overview

Product: Air purifier
Scenario: 'Air quality warning'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, GDN, RTB Display
Goal: Awareness

Automation Rules

air quality
dust & dander
for the week ahead
Turn on 'air quality' ad sets / ads
Pause 'air quality' ad sets / ads when condition ends

Creative Execution (Ad)

Campaign Overview

Product: Electric heaters
Scenario: 'Freezing temperatures'
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, GDN, Paid Search
Goal: In store & online purchases

Automation Rules

Filter 1 (Rainy day)
below 35F
Activate 'FREEZING' campaigns on GDN & Social
Increase bids by 30% on Paid Search
Filter 2 (Sunny day)
Above 35F
Activate 'BRAND' campaigns on GDN & Social
Decrease bids by 30% on Paid Search

Creative Execution

Weather-Based Marketing Tactics for Heating, Cooling & Air Conditioning businesses

Pre-emptive targeting & messaging using predictive triggers (forecast conditions)
In-the-moment targeting & messaging using real-time triggers (live current conditions)
Reactive trend-based targeting & messagingusing recent past triggers (historical conditions)

WeatherAds triggers & data for HVAC ad targeting



Temperature (max and min)
Air quality
RealFeel® Temperature

Pollen & allergens
Mould spores
Wind Speed
Severe Weather (e.g. Hail, Storms, Hurricanes, Floods, etc.)
Home energy efficiency

HVAC Industry Ad gallery  

Examples of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning advertising and creative executions that have relevance to weather and environmental factors. Intended for demonstrational purposes only.

Weather-sensitive HVAC products & services

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Spring & Summer

Autumn & Winter

Air conditioners, fans and coolers
Air conditioning units, fans (ceiling fans and portable units), and coolers.
Electric heaters, furnaces, fireplaces
Electrical heating products such as portable space heaters, fireplaces and furnaces.
Air purifiers
Dehumidifiers for humid environments and air purifiers for poor air quality.
Central heating, boilers & radiators
Boilers and radiators along with assorted central heating supplies
Ventilation systems
Residential and comerical ventilation ducts and systems
Dehumidifiers & air purification systems
Dehumidifiers for humid environments and air purifiers for poor air quality.
Installers, maintenance & repair services
HVAC installation, maintenance and repair contractors and services
Installers, maintenance & repair services
HVAC installation, maintenance and repair contractors and services

HVAC businesses get results like these with WeatherAds

Big Ass Fans improve CTR & Conversions

Big Ass Fans get increased CTR, above average conversion rates, and a reduction in ad waste.

Indow get 40% Lower Cost-Per-lead

Indow Windows lower Cost Per Lead by 40% on Social for their draft proofing products.

Brico improve YOY sales in-store

Brico increased Click-through Rates and in-store sales for HVAC products with WeatherAds

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