Tinuiti increases leads for restoration client JES with intelligent weather triggers for Search



Tinuiti (formerly EliteSEM) is an award-winning digital agency specializing in full-service online marketing. One of their clients is Groundworks® brand JES, a home services company that specializes in residential and commercial foundation repair and basement waterproofing.



As is the case for many organizations in the home services sector, weather is a huge component of JES’ business. Demand for waterproofing solutions surges during periods of heavy rainfall. Tinuiti was tasked with leveraging this insight to gain a competitive edge for their client on paid search.



The main objective of the Google Search campaigns was to drive more leads at more efficient cost per lead (CPLs)


Tinuiti created automated rules in WeatherAds to increase bids around periods of moderate or heavy rain. The bids were upweighed 24 hours prior to rainfall. They remained raised throughout the rainy weather and for 24 hours afterwards, before being reverted back to their original values. Tinuiti also set up a separate 50/50 split test to experiment with running weather specific ad copy, the hypothesis being that weather related ad copy would increase in-the-moment relevancy and make the ad pop up more to the viewer.



Tinuiti achieved outstanding results with WeatherAds, with their weather targeted campaigns commanding a 46% increase in conversion volume, an 18% increase in conversion rate, and a 3% reduction in cost per lead over the evergreen campaigns. The results of the A/B test showed that adding weather specific copy significantly improved the performance of their ads vs generic ad copy, demonstrating that weather-relevant messaging is an effective engagement mechanism in paid search.

“We heard great things from others in our company and decided to give WeatherAds a try. We were not disappointed! [We got] higher leads driven with higher CVRs and more efficient CPLs. The feedback from the client is that they’re excited to roll-out WeatherAds across our accounts.” 

- Michelle, Sr. Specialist Paid Search at Tinuiti




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