All the features you need
to weather target like a pro

Easily create multiple weather triggers for campaigns based
on your audiences past, current and forecast weather

Customizable Weather Rules

Create precise rules based on any combination of past, current and forecast conditions. Elements include temperature, rainfall, snowfall, sunshine, cloud cover, wind speed, humidity, air pressure, UV index, thunder/ lightning, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, blizzards, freezing rain, fog and ice (frost).

Multi-Platform Integrations

WeatherAds has one-click integrations for AdWords (Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns), Facebook (all campaign types), Instagram and Google DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM). Full compatibility with agency-level account types. Bing & Mailchimp integrations coming soon!

Global Weather Coverage

WeatherAds uses hyper-accurate global weather data from NOAA, meaning you can weather target campaigns for anywhere in the world.

Fully Automated Campaign Management

Once you’ve created your weather targeting rules, you can 'set and forget'. WeatherAds automatically manages your campaign based on latest weather data, with hourly update cycles.

Intuitive Dashboard (No Coding Needed)

The super intuitive dashboard means it’s quick and easy to set up powerful weather targeting rules for your campaigns. No coding knowledge is required, and you’ll be live in just a few minutes.

Multiple Weather Filters

Create multiple weather based rules for a single campaign, each with their own campaign-specific action, e.g. switch ads on or off, or modify bidding.

Intelligent Reporting

Create intelligent reports attributing the effect of weather targeting on your impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions and other metrics (coming soon).

Stellar Customer Support

Our amazing customer success team are on hand to guide you through setting up your weather based campaigns, bounce ideas around, and answer all your questions.

Some of our happy customers:

"CPC improved 39% and conversion rate improved 82%."


Tim O.

Associate Media Director, Search Operations
Harmelin Media

"Our orders and revenue both increased by 44%."


Micah P.

Founding Partner

"Conversion rate rose from 5.12% to 12.94%"


Nazgul K.

Senior Digital Exec
Hunterlodge Advertising

Start boosting your conversions today with weather adaptive ads.