Harmelin Deploys Weather Adaptive Search Campaign for Automotive Client



Harmelin Media is a results focused full service advertising agency. They manage campaigns for their many SMB clients, across a wide range of verticals. Several of Harmelin’s clients are weather sensitive businesses who were excited about the opportunity to leverage weather within their digital marketing campaigns.



One of Harmelin’s clients, Pylon, is a leading automotive parts manufacturer. They understood that weather is a critical sales driver of their products, identifying a number of specific weather conditions that affected sales performance to varying degrees. Rain and snow were their top volume drivers in terms of sales. Conversely, sunny weather had a negative effect on demand for their products.

Harmelin proposed a search strategy which centered around automating bids based on real-time weather conditions across the US. The objective was to boost paid presence during key weather moments to gain a competitive edge, and decrease bids when the weather was not conducive to sales. To implement this strategy they required a powerful and cost-effective tool that would enable them to easily apply weather based automation to their clients’ campaigns.



Harmelin used WeatherAds to set up and deploy automated, weather-based bidding rules for Pylon’s Paid Search campaigns. WeatherAds was identified as the easiest to use and most cost effective solution with the added benefit of offering superior customer support.

In order to ensure they reached the right audience during those pivotal weather moments, Harmelin set up automated rules to aggressively raise bids in any US location that was experiencing rain and snow, and decrease bids during periods of sunshine.



As soon as their weather targeting was switched on, Harmelin saw an immediate reduction in their average cost per conversion, with a massive 50% improvement over the course of their campaign. In addition, Pylon saw year over year increases in their in-store sales during various weeks while the search campaign was live.

Due to the success of their campaign, Harmelin is now using WeatherAds on an ongoing basis for Pylon’s paid search initiatives. The overall results have been so positive that Harmelin has also begun utilizing WeatherAds for a number of their other clients.

Start boosting your conversions today with weather adaptive ads.