Amnet taps into real-time weather signals in Programmatic Display campaign for Heineken



Amnet is Dentsu Aegis Network’s specialist programmatic group, counting over 1,000 technology, media, and data experts integrated with all Dentsu Aegis Network agencies across 52 markets. One of Amnet’s clients is Heineken. Heineken owns over 165 breweries in more than 70 countries, making it the number one brewer in Europe and one of the largest brewers by volume in the world. Maes is amongst Heineken’s most popular brands of beer in the Belgian and French markets.



To support sales of Maes over the summer months, Amnet were tasked with planning and executing a programmatic display campaign around the theme of enjoying beer in any weather condition.



The objective was to increase consumer awareness of Maes beer by delivering the right weather-relevant message (depending on if the weather was good or bad) to the right audience. The audience was carefully assembled using complex targeting including audience lists, categories and contexts.



WeatherAds was used by Amnet to apply weather sync to Heineken's Display & Video 360 campaigns. The key selling points for Amnet were WeatherAds’ intuitive UI, its direct plug-and play integration with DV360, its low cost of entry, and the high level of support offered by their customer success team. 

Two distinct sets of creative were built around the campaign’s central theme of enjoying Maes beer whatever the weather. Rule based weather triggers were then created in WeatherAds and applied to the Display & Video 360 sub-campaigns.

The first set of ads, containing images of ‘good weather’ scenarios such as blue skies and barbecues activated when the weather was warm (above 20°C) or sunny. The second set of ads explored bad weather motifs and were served when the temperature was below 19°C or rainy. The weather sync campaign was deployed as part of an always on global campaign for Heineken.




Amnet achieved excellent results with WeatherAds for programmatic Display. The campaign's main objective (reach) was not only achieved, but exceeded by 46%. According to Amnet’s trading team, “Most of the KPIs improved (CTR, CPM, CPC, Reach). The click-through rate increased, which resulted in a lower cost-per-click (CPC), and nearly a 50% drop in Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)”.





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