WeatherAds wins ‘Great UX’ and ‘Rising Star’ awards, and named in ‘Best Marketing Software for Small Business’ by FinancesOnline


WeatherAds has won two awards for user experience and customer satisfaction, and has been ranked in the top 15 best marketing software for small business by FinancesOnline, a leading business software review website.

FinancesOnline, which has analyzed thousands of B2B software systems to date and attracts over 2.2 million monthly readers, found WeatherAds to be “the perfect targeting tool” for automating digital marketing campaigns based on the weather, consequently awarding WeatherAds with their ‘Great User Experience’ and ‘Rising Star’ awards.




WeatherAds automatically triggers ads and adjusts campaign spend levels based on real-time weather, saving the user hundreds of hours in campaign management. This ensures maximum ad visibility when your products or services matter the most to audiences, resulting in increased clicks and conversions.  “WeatherAds does it all for you,” stated FinancesOnline’s experts.

The review also praised WeatherAds features which include displaying the most appropriate ads at key moments, easy sync-up with your Facebook and Google Adwords accounts, and appropriately allocating bids based on the most relevant weather for your products or services. “You pick your parameters and triggers and WeatherAds takes care of the rest,” wrote FinancesOnline.



WeatherAds won awards for its intuitive dashboard and for delivering a pleasing user experience. 


This positive feedback has allowed WeatherAds to be distinguished with the ‘Great User Experience’ award, signifying that WeatherAds excels at providing a really pleasing user experience for digital marketers looking to weather target their paid search, display, and social campaigns.

As the world’s leading weather based marketing software, WeatherAds also features in FinancesOnline’s post entitled '15 best marketing software systems for small business', ranking alongside industry heavyweights such as HubSpot, Moz and Pardot.

The review also highlighted WeatherAds' exemplary user satisfaction rating. This has led us to receive FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award, which is given to B2B software systems that have increased in popularity and are seen as a robust and reliable tool by users. Here's an excerpt from the review on FinancesOnline: 

"WeatherAds is the perfect ad targeting tool if you want to run and automate your ad campaigns based on the weather elements. You have an ad platform that you can use to tailor your ad triggers and show the most relevant ads to your audience without you doing much of the grunt work

When it is sunny all week on the California coast, WeatherAds will automatically display your massive selection of surfboards or beach shorts on your California-based audience’s Facebook accounts. Or when weather forecasts predict heavy rains for the next few days in mountains of Washington, there is no better time to run an extensive campaign for your heavy-duty raincoat collection through Google Adwords. WeatherAds does it all for you.


 WeatherAds will display the most relevant ad for the viewer based on their weather, increasing ad impact and conversions.


The software displays weather-based ads with the most appropriate images and creatives at the right time to the right audience. You never have to worry about running a summer collection campaign when it’s actually snowing. You pick your parameters and triggers and WeatherAds takes care of the rest.

During key weather moments, WeatherAds ensures that you stay on top of the competition. Your online presence is significantly bolstered, leaving your competition in the dust.

With WeatherAds, you can plan your advertising spending more. You can create and implement automated rules to increase your bids when the weather is relevant to your product or service, and reduce bids when it isn’t."