Hot New Weather Sync Feature Released for Travel & Tourism Businesses

WeatherAds has released a hot new feature for travel & tourism brands, which lets you sync your ads with real-time weather updates for your destination(s). When the weather is looking good for your destination, WeatherAds will activate your ads, boost your paid presence, and get you more clicks, conversions and bookings. The feature currently works with AdWords Search, Display and Shopping campaigns – and will be rolled out for Facebook, Instagram and programmatic soon.

Until now, the weather targeting ran through WeatherAds has been pinned to your audience's weather. For example, if you were triggering ads based on sunshine, your ads would only be shown in those parts of the country where it was sunny, and paused in other parts where it was cloudy, rainy, and so forth.

However, we’ve had a lot of feedback from users in the travel, tourism, and hospitality verticals, who wanted to sync their ads with real-time weather alerts for their business location, resort, or destination, whilst showing those ads to audiences located further afield (e.g. in another city, state, or even country). 


A ski resort can trigger search ads across the country whenever there's been fresh snowfall at their resort


Their use case was to use WeatherAds to automatically boost their digital advertising when the weather was looking good for their outdoor destinations - whether that’s a ski resort, amusement park, beach resort, or Vineyard, irrespective of what the viewer's local weather was like.  

With our new destination weather targeting feature, WeatherAds users can do exactly this. Trigger ads, switch creative, and automate bidding logic based on the weather in your location – not that of your audience’s.

This is great news for all outdoor businesses such as visitor attractions and even travel booking sites who can now sync ads with real-time weather for their top destinations. 


Example Use Cases for Destination Weather Sync


A ski resort can trigger ads across the country whenever they are expecting fresh snow at their resort, with an ad that says:

Fresh Snowfall Forecast in the last 24 Hours – Book your Ski Pass Now!



An amusement park can increase bids anytime the forecast for the coming weekend looks sunny in their location.  Their Ads could read:

Forecast Looking Great For This Weekend – Get Your Tickets Now!


🌄 ℉ 

A travel booking site can boost ads for their ‘sun and sea’ destinations whenever the 7 day forecast for that destination was looking good, e.g. Hot and Sunny. Their ads could say:

Enjoy 7 Days Of Sun In Ibiza – Great Deals On Last Minute Getaways!



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