The Digital Ring drive awareness for Goodyear with weather activated ads across Display & Social



The Digital Ring is a multi-award winning, full-service agency headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. One of their clients is Goodyear, a global manufacturer of automobile tires. Demand for tires is linked to the weather, with specific types of tires being sought after for use in inclement conditions such as heavy rain, snow and ice.



The main objective of the campaign was to build awareness of Goodyear tires, with a secondary objective of driving incremental clicks to their website landing page.



The Digital Ring devised a strategy of reaching potential customers during severe weather events, when they may be looking to improve traction and security of their driving experience, through weather activated delivery of ads across Google Display and Social. While they had targeted in-market audiences in the past with some success, reaching these audiences in the right moments to help maximize relevancy and provide the best possible user experience was the biggest driver for using weather as a trigger. WeatherAds was identified as the best tool to accomplish this, because of its seamless integration with the necessary platforms, its comprehensive selection of triggers, its scalability, and its self-service interface that allowed The Digital Ring to pivot and adjust on the fly as needed.



The Digital Ring had two campaigns in each channel (Google Display, and Facebook) that were using "clear weather" triggers (no severe weather events) as well as one campaign for rain and one campaign for snow. The ads for each were unique to the weather event. For example, the snow campaign had ads showing a car with Goodyear tires driving through a snowy environment, spoke to the snow-specific features, and was triggered when there was snow or blizzard events. Audience segments were then layered within the platforms to reach users who were in-market for wheels and tires.



Weather triggered ads had an 18% higher CTR and a 45% lower CPC than the ads not associated with a weather event. Additionally, we served over 9 million impressions over two months and gained over 65,000 clicks to the website which far exceeded previous months’ numbers when running other awareness campaigns. 

“The weather targeted campaigns performed extremely well at achieving our goal of reaching consumers at the right moment, with the right ads, to maximize relevancy."

- Josh, VP of Digital Media, The Digital Ring

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