WeatherAds for DoubleClick Bid Manager

Powerful weather targeting for your programmatic

display & video campaigns


Sync your DBM campaigns with weather & drive more conversions.

WeatherAds for DBM lets you quickly and easily add powerful pre-bid weather targeting to your programmatic display and video campaigns.

Set automated rules to bid or not bid on an impression depending on the audience’s weather, or switch between creative variants under different weather scenarios.

Engage consumers before, during or after key weather events, with ads that move them to action.

60% of consumer decisions are influenced by weather. Engage audiences before, during, or after critical weather events, with display & video ads that move them to action.

Achieve deeper creative cut-through, higher ad engagement and better conversion rates with weather adaptive ads.

Available in every country worldwide

No coding required

Works with your existing campaigns

One-click integration with DBM

Dedicated launch specialist

Get started in under 15 minutes

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