How to Set Up your Facebook or Instagram Campaign for Weather Targeting

WeatherAds enables you to create weather responsive advertising campaigns for Facebook and Instagram. With WeatherAds, you can easily add weather based triggers to your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, syncing your ads with any type of weather condition imaginable. 

In this guide we’ll show you how to correctly set up your Facebook or Instagram campaign before you import it in to WeatherAds for weather targeting.

It is worth noting that WeatherAds works with a Facebook Business Manager account as well as a standard Facebook account.

If you don't yet have a WeatherAds account, you can create your free account below: 



1. What Facebook Campaign Objectives/ Ad Formats Work With Weather Targeting?

WeatherAds Weather targeting will work with nearly all standard campaign objectives and ad formats in Facebook. One Exception to this 'Reach and Frequency' Campaigns, and in some cases In Store Campaigns (if you are using the business location framework rather than standard geo input).

WeatherAds will work with Store Visit campaigns, as long as you manually enter your geo targets, rather than automatically pulling the geos from your store pages. - To do this, open up your ad set's settings, and hit 'target a geographical area' and the enter the address of each of your stores, with a radius around it. 

WeatherAds will work with Instagram campaigns, run natively from the Facebook ads platform. To run weather targeting on Instagram, simply select ‘Instagram’ under the ‘Platforms’ settings within your ad set. 





  • App Installs

  • Brand Awareness

  • Conversions

  • Engagement

  • Lead Generation

  • Reach

  • Store Visits

  • Traffic

  • Video Views



  • Photo

  • Video

  • Carousel

  • Slideshow

  • Canvas

  • Collection


2. Setting Up Your Geo Targeting In Facebook

For Weather targeting to work effectively, it is important that you set up the geo targeting correctly for your Facebook ad sets.

At present, the following levels of geo targeting are compatible with WeatherAds:

  • Zip codes

  • Countries

  • Cities

  • Radius targeting based on ‘cities’

  • Addresses (with radius) 

  • GPS Coordinates ("pin drop")


We do not advise combining 2 or more types of location targeting within a single ad set, e.g. 'country' & 'addresses'. Please use one type of location targeting per ad set. Exception to this is 'addresses' and 'coordinates', which can be combined within a single ad set without issue. 



NOTE: Once you set your weather targeting live, WeatherAds automatically breaks down your geo targeting area(s) into weather targetable custom locations in order to accurately weather target all your locations. E.g. If you choose to target the United Kingdom, WeatherAds will automatically break this down into smaller regions. This will be visible within Facebook after you have activated your targeting within WeatherAds.  Do not be alarmed when you see this, this does not change or affect your campaign set-up in any way.



3. Running National and Multinational Campaigns (Large Geo Coverage)

Due to the way the Facebook allocates locations, the maximum number of locations per ad set is limited to 200. This means that it is not possible to weather target multinational campaigns that cover a very large geographical spread, without spreading the geo targeting over multiple ad sets.

Similarly, in order to run weather targeting for a campaign targeting the whole of the USA, you must split your campaign up into multiple ad sets each targeting a different US State.

For a step by step guide on how to set up Facebook weather targeting for a US wide or multinational campaign, check out this guide: 

Weather Targeting Country-Wide Facebook Campaigns For USA, Canada and Australia



Please be aware that when weather targeting is applied to a paused Facebook ad set, WeatherAds will activate that ad set as soon as your weather rules are met. This only applies if the campaign to which that ad set belongs is also live. It is therefore advisable to only set your weather targeting live when you are ready to go live with that ad set, unless its parent campaign is paused.If at any time you wish to pause your ad set, please pause your weather targeting first in WeatherAds, and then pause your ad set in Facebook.