How To Get Started With WeatherAds

In this guide we’ll walk you through getting started with WeatherAds, from creating your free 15-day trial account to syncing WeatherAds with your AdWords or Facebook accounts. By the end of this guide you’ll be ready to start weather targeting your first campaign.


Step 1

Create your free WeatherAds account by signing up to the Free 15-Day Trial of WeatherAds. Fill in basic information to get started and click ‘Start my Free 15-Day Trial’.



Step 2

WeatherAds will ask you to choose a platform to Sync with WeatherAds. This is part of the account set-up process and you need to sync at least one platform before you can access the WeatherAds dashboard.



Authorizing Facebook

First make sure you are logged into the appropriate Facebook account before you do this! That is the account associated with your Facebook Ads Manager or Facebook Business Manager account. Do this by going to and signing in to the right account.

Next, in WeatherAds, click on the Facebook button to authorize your Facebook account. 

You will be redirected to a Facebook authentication page. Please click ‘allow’.



Authorizing AdWords

Click on the Google AdWords button to authorize your AdWords account. 

You will be redirected to a Google sign-in page. Ensure you log in with the Google account which manages AdWords! Once you have logged in with your Google account you will be asked if you would like to sync WeatherAds with AdWords. please click 'allow'.



You will now be prompted to enter your Customer ID number. To find your customer ID, first log into your AdWords account. Your Customer ID number appears below your email in the AdWords dashboard. Punch this number in and click submit.



Authorizing Google Display & Video 360 (DBM)

Please email us to request access to WeatherAds for DoubleClick Bid Manager. We can set up a quick all to discuss your campaign requirements and arrange training and onboarding for using DBM weather sync. 

Once we have unlocked your DBM connector, the sync-up process is exactly the same as with Google AdWords (as described above) albeit without the need to enter a customer ID.  


Step 3

Now that you have synced your AdWords and/or Facebook account with WeatherAds, the last step is to import your campaigns. To do this simply click ‘Import Campaigns’.



Step 4

You can toggle between AdWords and Facebook campaigns views. 


Tick the checkbox next to the campaigns you wish to import into WeatherAds and then click ‘import selected campaigns’


Your campaigns will appear on the left hand side of the dashboard, under ‘AdWords’ or ‘Facebook’ drop-down menu.


You have now completed the WeatherAds set up, and you’re ready to begin weather targeting your AdWords/ Facebook campaigns.