How To Set Up a Campaign In AdWords for Weather Targeting

This guide will give you some pointers to ensure your weather based ad campaign is set up correctly in Google Ads, and that your weather targeting runs smoothly in WeatherAds. WeatherAds enables you to deploy weather triggered advertising campaigns across Google Ads' Search, Display and Shopping networks and works with both new and existing campaigns, requiring next to no changes to the set up of the campaign. However, there are some good practices which we recommend to ensure the smooth running of your weather triggered ads, which this guide will focus on. 


1. What Campaign Types Can I Weather Target? 

WeatherAds Weather targeting will work with all campaign types in Google Ads except ‘video’ and 'Universal App Campaigns'. For UAC, WeatherAds will only work in an on/off capacity. Any weather-based bid modifiers will not work with UAC. 

  • Search Network with Display Select

  • Search Network Only

  • Display Network Only

  • Shopping



NOTE: For Universal App Campaigns, Google Ads uses its own predictive algorithm to adjust bids, and doesn’t allow any other types of bid adjustments e.g. Geo. For this reason WeatherAds won’t work as intended for UAC. That being said, You can run a search/ display campaign for app installs (targeting only mobile devices), and trigger those based on weather using WeatherAds. You can read more about these types of campaigns here.


2.  Geo Targeting

When setting up your campaign, it is essential that you specify at least one location in the geo targeting settings in Google Ads . The default setting (All countries and territories) will NOT work. You must select at least one location within the ‘Targeted locations’ option. This can be a whole country, state, county, city, zip code, etc – any location identifier is fine as long as it is recognized by Google Ads . You can choose as many locations as you like, as long as they are all the same location type (e.g. cities). Please note that you cannot combine two different location targeting types (e.g. zip code and custom radius) within a single campaign.


NOTE: WeatherAds is compatible with Google Ads Radius targeting , as long as the radius is around a location which AdWords itself recognizes, e.g. post code, zip code, city, etc. 


NOTE:  If you are targeting a large region (E.G. a country or a state), WeatherAds will automatically break down your 'master geo target' into smaller constituent parts in order to accurately weather target each part. E.g. If you choose to target the United Kingdom, WeatherAds will automatically break this down into cities (e.g. London, Edinburgh, Manchester, etc). This will be visible within Google Ads after you have activated your targeting within WeatherAds. Do not be alarmed when you see this, this does not change or affect your overall campaign set-up in any way.


3. Launching Your Campaign

If you are adjusting bids based on weather, ensure that your campaign is enabled in Google Ads at launch, as activating weather targeting will not switch your campaign on. If your are simply activating/ deactivating ads based on weather, then your campaign can be paused at launch in Google Ads. Once weather targeting has been switched on, WeatherAds will activate your campaign as soon as any one of your geos meets your weather conditions. 

NOTE: If you weather target a campaign, and choose ‘if conditions across filters are not met, don’t show ads’, and none of your locations currently match your chosen conditions, then WeatherAds automatically pauses your campaign in Google Ads until a particular area matches your desired weather conditions, at which point it ‘enables’ the campaign again. Do not be alarmed if you see your campaign paused, this will only be temporary. 


4. Making Changes To Your Google Ads Campaign Settings 

Once your weather targeting is ‘applied’ within WeatherAds, please refrain from changing your geo targeting settings within Google Ads .

If you wish to edit the geo targeted locations within Google Ads for a campaign which is running live in WeatherAds:

1. Remove that campaign in WeatherAds

2. Change the geo targeting settings for that campaign within Google Ads 

3. Import that campaign back into WeatherAds

4. Create a new filter for your campaign in WeatherAds, and press enable.

NOTE: Other settings can be changed for your campaign in Google Ads without issue, e.g. default bid.


5. Setting Your Default Bid

The WeatherAds bid modifier works by changing your default bid. The default bid is your maximum cost-per-click for ads in an ad group. If you have bidding set at the Ad Group or KeyWord Level, WeatherAds will change those bids proportionately. When your weather conditions are not met, WeatherAds will either revert back to your default bid, or pause delivery entirely (depending on which setting you select.) 

Does WeatherAds work in Combination with other Google Ads Targeting Criteria?

WeatherAds still works in combination with other targeting criteria specified for that campaign in Google Ads. Here’s a helpful article about Google Ads Bid Adjustments

NOTE: If you have other targeting criteria, such as device targeting, set for your Google Ads campaign, WeatherAds bid modifier will work cumulatively with any other bid modifying action that you have set up in Google Ads for that campaign.

NOTE: Weather targeting works at the campaign level in Google Ads .If you have multiple Ad Groups within a campaign, the weather targeting will work across all the ad groups within that campaign. This means that all the Ad Groups within that specific campaign will be modified by the same factor, when your chosen weather targeting conditions are met. 


6. What Bid Strategies Are Compatible With WeatherAds?

We recommend using Manual CPC bidding strategy for any campaigns that you apply weather targeting to through WeatherAds. In some cases, you can pair WeatherAds with automated bidding strategies, but only for activating/ deactivating ads (not if you're planning to set up bid adjustments). You can read more on that in our help center guide 'Does WeatherAds work with Target CPA and automated bidding in AdWords?'


IMPORTANT! By applying weather targeting to your Google Ads campaign or Facebook ad set you give the WeatherAds app permission to activate and deactivate your campaign/ ad set.Please be aware that by applying weather targeting to a paused campaign/ ad set, WeatherAds has the ability to make your campaign/ ad set active. If your campaign/ ad set is currently paused in Google Ads and you do not want to make it active, please ‘save and preview’ your weather filters instead of making them live. To make an Google Ads campaign or Facebook ad set with live weather targeting inactive, you must:

1. FIRST switch off the live weather targeting within WeatherAds

2. THEN pause your campaign/ ad set within Google Ads/ Facebook